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Wayne Holtz

Wayne Holtz is a San Antonio musician that blends his love for musicals and dreamy beats to write catchy sync-pop music. You may first be pulled in by his colorful sartorial presence but remember that Holtz is here to slay. Every part of his music and performance is orchestrated to give his audience the very best musical experience!

 Photo from Scot Redman for The New York Times

Photo from Scot Redman for The New York Times

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us. Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into creating and performing music?

My name is Wayne Holtz. I'm a San Antonio native and a photographer turned Pop Star. I started performing in May of 2016, and since then I've done over 150 shows including such notable performances as opening up for Alexander Jean, the duo composed of Mark Ballas (Dancing With The Stars) & his wife BC Jean (singer songwriter, has written for Beyoncé) at the Korova or opening for the rock Princess, Nina Diaz (Girl In A Coma) when she premiered her solo album at The Tobin Center For The Performing Arts. My songs "Black Attack" and "A Minute With Mark" premiered on the Ross Mathews' (Hollywood Today Live, Chelsea Handler, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno) podcast, Straight Talk With Ross on episodes 101 & 103 respectively (available on iTunes).

I write all of my own songs and melodies, and pair them with dreamy beats made by my producer, Bobby Rivas. I am often accompanied by the art collective, House of Kenzo, as my back up dancers. They've recently been featured on THUMP for Vice. I've always wanted to be a performer. I would say the two strongest influences I had to start performing were Dancing With The Stars: I have been fascinated with the show for years. Ballroom dancing is so gorgeous, and the journey of people with either little to no dance training, coming into not only their own as performers, but as people through dance, is so powerful to me. The second incredibly strong influence is Gaga. As a live performer, she's brings the rock and roll, strength, infinity, magic, and sensuality that truly awakened the Pop Star in me. Watch her tour DVD, The Monster Ball, and you'll understand why.

WELL THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW: YOUR STYLE AND THE WAY YOU PERFORM. Many artist have a moniker they use when performing, is Wayne Holtz your given name or stage name? If the former, what was the reason behind using that name?

Wayne Holtz is my birth name. Though it is not my father's last name, but the last name of my sister's father. So in a way, I was born with a stage name.

 Photo from Wayne's Facebook

Photo from Wayne's Facebook

INDEED! IT WORKED OUT PRETTY WELL! Your music has some new-wave nostalgia, but how would you describe your sound? Did this style of music come naturally to you or did you start off different?

I set out to make Pop music, but Pop has many different origins, the most prominent being musical theater and rock and roll. When creating my first EP, my producer, Bobby Rivas, and I wanted to make something unique that would make your mind dance as much as your body. Bobby is a fantastic creator. I would simply sing him my words and describe the moods, the sounds, and the beat that I wanted and within moments he would have a beautiful structure and body to my songs that almost made me think he could hear the music in my head. I think my music has a nostalgic feel to it due to Bobby's versatile knowledge of instruments and the history of music combined with the fact that I write original, direct, and thought provoking lyrics, something you don't hear in the radio sphere very often these days.

sounds like bobby rivas is a keeper! though One thing I love about you as a musician is your aesthetics. The signature neon pink give us all the feels.  How would you describe your style and what influences you sartorially?

I wear what's comfortable to be honest. Most of my "costumes" are just my normal outfits, which in all reality are just my pajamas. My style is mostly like that of a wizard. I'm not really aware of what's "on trend" in the world so I'd say my influences are really just premonitions of the future and dreams of the past. Really thinking about it though, I'm a HUGE fan of anime and Japanese culture, so I'd say that contributes a lot to my freedom of dress and my efforts to put a little magic into all of my outfits.

 Photo by Erica Joy

Photo by Erica Joy

One video I saw of you performing “Not My Job”, was like watching a live music video. What is your approach to performing live and how do you decide what side of Wayne to show for a performance?

That's very sweet of you to say. Live performances are what I love the most. As I said before, I'm a big fan of musicals from all decades, and one thing all of the greats have in common is the level of energy, commitment, and soul that is put into every note, movement, or glance. You must make the audience feel what you feel. In order to do that You must commit to your own emotions, and the show. Pop music is all about the flash, energy, dancing, and of course the outfits. Once you're on that stage, don't apologize to the audience, OR to yourself. I would say I show almost every side of Wayne for every show. I don't really make a choice on which ones come out. The only one I choose and lead with is my determined side.

What can we expect from you in 2017? ex. new music, a tour, etc.

A Lot! A new album (or two) for sure. I will be doing some mini tours to places like LA, New York, Portland, Seattle, and New Orleans. Expect at least four music videos and who knows what else! I am constantly pushing to do more but I also let the universe guide me so I would say, ask the universe!