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Urban Beauty: Tim Okamura Pays Homage To The Queens Of The Concrete Jungle

What I really love about Okamura's paintings is how real his subjects are. These are people you expect to bump into on the street, in the supermarket, and your apartment complex. The paintings tell a story and every time I revisit the same painting, the tale is different but engaging. His focus is on identity and the urban environment, which shed a whole new light on his work. Okamura's work has been featured the National Portrait Gallery in London, England as well as in galleries throughout USA and Canada. As Bad Girl Confidence explores beauty, it is refreshing to see an artist that pay homage to the beauty of the street queens.

Writer: Tope Eletu-Odibo, Founder and Editor of Bad Girl Confidence. She works for the City of Austin and has a strong interest in Women's issue, social justice, and personal development.