Music and Art In Your Backyard

Discovering The Manifest Electric was a serendipitous experience.I had been searching for something else on SoundCloud when I came across Joseph Ovalle's vocals. Of course, I stopped everything and tried to find more of his music. The Manifest Electric describe their sound as acoustic-driven indie folk. Their older record saunters between soft melodies and happy-go-lucky choruses.  The newly released EP Wild, builds on their 2014 album Eat Your Heart Out, to continue weaving tales of love and longing and angsts. Wild, though shorter, appears to be far more mature than their previous record. Eat Your Heart Out was much more youthful in its pursuit of romance, with tracks that emulated indie-pop of the 2000s. With "Wild", The Manifest Electric, evolves to a more old-school melodic pop, filled with beautiful harmonies and more elaborate but complicated narratives of love. I dropped some sample tracks below. You can listen and purchase the new EP on Spotify and ITUNES

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