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When Your Work Says It All

S. Thornton believes in Art that has no filter and her work takes you on a raw visual journey through some of the most visceral experiences of the human condition. 

 Generation M by S. Thornton

Generation M by S. Thornton

S. Thornton work explores life's complexities through the use of sketches, painting techniques, and collages. The latter seems appropriate given that life itself is a collage of moments and experiences that we can not always make sense of. Her canvas is a medium through which she explores social issues but most importantly the pandora's box  of human emotions: pain, love, triumph, glory, struggle, and hope. As identifiable as these emotions  may be, it makes sense that her collages defy structure, instead the pieces pulls you in with its burst of color and imagery that demands a discourse. S. Thornton reflects the status quo within contemporary society in her piece Generation M, while simultaneously tackling its psychological complexities through her experimentation of magazine clippings layered with acrylic paint. The piece is almost analogous to the overstimulated experience of a social media network like Facebook; relevant, poignant, and dynamic.

The works consist of a life journey: the life and times of a 29 year old named S.Thornton. There are so many S. Thornton’s experiencing all that I am experiencing, it is perhaps part of the human condition.
— S. Thornton
 Elastic Heart by S. Thornton

Elastic Heart by S. Thornton

In some ways, S. Thornton work provides a safe haven for those who are far too familiar with the most challenging aspects of dealing with trials. On the other hard, her pieces' bold declarations are uncomfortable territories; but isn't this what art is supposed to accomplish? For S. Thornton, addressing these socially relevant topics without filters (and sparking a conversation) is the core purpose of art. The pieces submitted by Sheena invites us on a journey of passion, love, pain, forgiveness, unity and much more. 

Honestly, if people can look at my work and learn something that would be awesome. I am really trying to take my viewers on a visual journey... I guess our struggles make us who we are. Without my life experiences my work would be lifeless.
I would love to see my work in the streets. Where it all begin...Street murals are something I want to do very soon.

Love Vs $$ by S. Thornton