Music and Art In Your Backyard



Entering the world of Bay Area artist, Samuel Rodriguez, is to encounter the evolution of an artist from his work with topographic graffiti to his current genre that explore sociological themes. Rodriguez is an experimental artist and in my view, seeing his work is akin to witnessing the growth of hip hop. Graffiti was his foundation; it is evident in his work, however, something new has grown in its place. His work called Fractions is a great example this journey. He dissects portraits and assembles them using geometric shapes and colors to create a captivating message: individuals as a "walking melting pot" [see website]. This idea of using geometric shapes has continued into another exhibition that he participated in called The Composite Knowledge. Rodriguez's work and his documented comments appear to point towards how captivated he is by identity and race. The uses of colors, textures, and structures is a way for him to explore multi-perspectives on how people identify each other visually. Here are a few of his pieces.