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Artist Interview: Roshi 

Roshi Take Ours Imagination On An Incredible Journey To A Majestic Universe With Just Pencil, Paper, and Paint


 The women profile is a common theme in Roshi's work. Roshi discusses why below.

The women profile is a common theme in Roshi's work. Roshi discusses why below.



Where does the name Roshi come from? It sounds Japanese.


It actually started out as a codename in middle school and just kind of stuck throughout high school. What's interesting is I've always had an intense interest in Japanese and Asian art and I've done a lot of research on the subject. A few years ago and right on the cusp of my mid-twenties I eventually stumbled across the meaning of Roshi. It is a honorific title given to a Zen teacher that has attained a high level of wisdom and a superior grasp and understanding of the Dharma. For some reason, finding the meaning of a name that felt more like a piece of me than my given birth name was a very profound moment. It was a sign to continuously be aware of the fact that I am always learning and everything is always a new experience. 


How did you get into drawing, spray painting, and art in general?


I've always drawn. I came out the womb with a pencil, it's the reason behind my pencil tattoo. Drawing has always been a calming thing for me and once I discovered I had a passion for Art History, I was gone. I could spend forever and a day in an Art Museum (and I have). Just the idea of all these other creators running back through our planet's history really kind of speaks to my soul. Since I've done it for as long as I can remember, I could relate to these other humans that drew, sculpted, manufactured. I would say it feels like I just HAVE to do this. I wonder how many of them felt the same way? How many of them go to that majestic universe in your mind where your colors and dreams travel to your hands and manifest in the "real" world.  

Rambunctiously feminine and sassy
— Roshi
 Smile ladies!

Smile ladies!


What inspires the pieces you create?


This may blow your mind a little bit but people, places, and things. It's as simple as that. I feel like me drawing is me recording my experiences. My moods, my feelings, ideas, an interesting piece of architecture. Some times a nice color. An interesting article that has awoken some passionate emotion in me. Sometimes just a beautiful color.


Do your pieces usually carry a message the audience? If so, what are they?


The more beautiful a piece the more I'm trying to say. If I'm upset I do really bizarre angry, inappropriate, tongue in cheek doodles. All I'm trying to say is fuck. If I do one of my ladies I'm trying to show you something much more beautiful and intricate, like a secret that I could only explain to you in colors.


What is the most challenging piece you ever created?


Probably the most recent piece that I've been working on, the Mayan woman. It's the biggest one in the series and it was the one I was most "afraid" of. Sometimes you get to a certain place in a painting where you love where it's going but maybe you freeze up because you aren't quite sure where to take it next or you have a gripping fear of fudging something. I'm realizing that being afraid of the mistake shouldn't stop me from at least learning in the process. 


You recently took part in an ArtSlam in San Antonio how was it? How was that experience new for you? How was it challenging?


The ArtSlam in San Antonio was a great learning experience and a lot of fun getting to meet different artists I had only previously known through social media. I haven't done a lot of convention type events so I'm still wet behind the ears in that realm. But I learn more every time and I enjoy them every time so I would love to do more. 


What are your future aspiration? Where would you like to take your work?


I would like to continue illustrating for as long as my fingers allow. I would like to take my fingers on a trip to illustrate all the colors and shapes in the world. 


How would you describe your art style?


Rambunctiously feminine and sassy, but wrapped in the sweetest colors a palette could handle.


Where can we find your work on display? on sale?


I have been doing small shows here and there for the past few months. I'm kind of on a break from showing work while I create new paintings for EAST. 


Do you do art full time? If so what are the challenges? if not, what do you on the side?


I am a full time freelance illustrator. 


What challenges have you faced if any working solely in art?


The challenge of having to constantly create and get over any lingering self-doubt.  


What advice would you give others who would like to grow in this area? 


I'm still growing myself in this area.  I get over my lingering self doubt by telling myself that it's just time to grow and stop being afraid. That's that.

 It's all a process. Roshi loves to sketch!

It's all a process. Roshi loves to sketch!

You can find Roshi's work at SprATX and at Color Me Roshi. You csan also contact Roshi for commission work.

Instagram: Roshi_K