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When Ojo Met Aaron

Ojo Agi is a Canadian-born Nigerian artist who embarked an untraditional path, produces truly mind-blowing illustrations and paintings. In her most recent work Daughters of Diaspora, she explores the experiences of individuals who are raised in two distinctive cultures. In her own words, Agi notes that "the duality of growing up in two different cultures repeatedly leaves us without an identity, language, or space to wholly call as our own." This conversation of residing in two conflicting worlds, but belonging to neither, is powerfully reflected in her illustrations where her subject appear to blend into their background.  The similarity between each subject's skin tone and the type of paper used by Agi allows each protagonist to exist in the portrait yet stands out in their own regard. The faces that stare back from the toned paper are full of questions and emotions. Their angular features, voluptuous lips, and non-European aesthetics are difficult to ignore despite the appearance of neutrality.

Aaron Yeboah a Ghanian creative residing in Baton Rouge, LA, knows all too well how two cultures, so unique, can appear to compliment yet create friction. It is no surprise that both Aaron and Ojo gravitated towards each other creatively speaking. As a curator, Aaron uses his unique eye to pull together some of the diaspora's some talented voices and artists to produce a visual narrative in contemporary art. We featured Aaron a couple of times in our online publication and in our print publication. Aaron's two outstanding books 2dots and African Lens makes a statement about his skills as a curator and creative producer, as well as his eye for talent and beautiful work. 

This month, these two creatives meet to produce a beautiful editorial that is both feminine and powerful!