Music and Art In Your Backyard


Brooklyn-based VISUAL artist, Murjani holmes, creates work that is as much vivid as it is captivating. With elements that remind us of Basquiat and Kandinsky, Murjani transforms familiar portraits and creatures into bold, acrylic statements. Meet our first artist of March!

  Age: 33 yrs old |   Location: Brooklyn, NY |   Music: Big K.R.I.T and Pink Floyd

Age: 33 yrs old | Location: Brooklyn, NY | Music: Big K.R.I.T and Pink Floyd

I'm an army brat who has lived a little bit of a wanderer's life and taken a bit of it all with me. I would describe my work as colorful and literally what the inside of my head looks like! One of the biggest challenges in getting my work into the mainstream is really figuring out my own lane and honing in on it and refining it [as well as] building an audience off of that. It is a slow and steady process. I would love to work with the artist Doze Green, though we use color in similar ways the way he does his thing is awesome to me. 

I really like what other people hate about acrylic. How fast it dries I believe it leaves room for a lot of trial and error which I like. And I paint live a lot so acrylic works well for that purpose. I think my message is one of having fun and expressing one's individuality, life is going to get hard and dark so I choose to stay on the more colorful side of things. Even if the subject of one my paintings is a somber one. I'm probably gonna sneak some hot pinks/ greens in there somewhere and make it work. If I could choose one piece of my work to show a visiting alien race, I think it would be my Shark piece. I just love how that piece came out and I am sure the aliens would dig it