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Meet The Fans: An App that Brings Musicians and Fans Closer Together

Wanda Passionately Connects Musicians to Their Fans Through Stage Huddle.

 Meet The Fans. App Coming soon

Meet The Fans. App Coming soon

Not every musicians has the resources to bridge the gap between making music and sharing music. For this reason, Wanda created Stage Huddle. The application creates a platform that connects musicians to other musicians as well as a fan base, allowing them to promote their live music event. This app could also potentially allow promoters to book local talents and artists who have a consistent fan base.

Stage Huddle differs from other platforms like Bandcamp and Reverbnation because it doesn't focus on selling music but on getting fans to live music performances. Artists can research music venues and musicians that are open to collaboration. All of which can be achieved through a key feature that allows geographic targeting of fans and audiences. The app also provides a campaign feature that allows artist to crowd-fund for live events. Each fan can pledge a particular amount to the artist or opt for buy the artist's merchandise. 

Wanda is a strong advocate for local talents. She was concerned that local artists did not have the tools to make an impact in the music world, like other label sponsored artists. Wanda, just like Bad Girl Confidence, believes there is something powerful about listening to live music. For this reason, Stage Huddle was more than just an idea but a necessity for artists who desire to reach the world to show what they are capable of.

For Wanda, the ultimate vision is for this app to become a universal tool for local musicians when planning music events and tours. Show your support! You will find more information at