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The Uganda Master Honors The Beauty of The Black Woman: Maria Naita  

My core value and belief is that there is no better way of showcasing a society’s heritage; of telling a story, its journey, its pride and the challenges, than through art.
— Maria Naita
 Photo from AKA Art Gallery Website

Photo from AKA Art Gallery Website

In a world where beauty is defined as western and white, Maria Naita honors the beauty of the black woman, the African woman. Through her work, the African woman is dignified, worship, and poised as the normative beauty. Naita is one of Uganda's many master artist. She works with multi-media, of which her popular works are sculptures and paintings. Her Masters in Fine Art has not limited the type of work she produces but her pushed her to create amazing pieces that are now national monuments in Uganda. She is inspired by her immediate environment - social, political, economic, and religious. In Naita's work, the female form commands a strong presence, with the African woman being her most stunning and favorite feature. She captures everyday occurrences in a non-ubiquitous way, providing us with an added appreciation for scenes we may otherwise overlook. Her perspective is especially engaging as an African working woman, mother, wife, and human being.

 Various pieces by Maria Naita.  Source 1:  Source 2:

Various pieces by Maria Naita.

Source 1:

Source 2:

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