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Magna Carda Music Video Project

It is always beautiful when two creative spirits come together with mutual direction in mind. This is exactly the moment we find ourselves in as we watch the beginning of a collaboration between the band Magna Carda and Dew Napattalong and the University of Texas film team. We recently featured the 2014 album from Magna Carda on our website and it is no surprise that they are a topic of interest for many; in particularly Director, Dew Napattalong. Together they are looking to create a music video that tells the story of Magna Carda and exhibits the incredible music making skills of this Austin-grown band. Their project is currently live on Indiegogo as they fundraise to make the short production a reality. We support their mission and we want to share this with our readers. Watch the video below and be a part of their incredible journey.

Find Indiegogo Campaign here

The team

Dew Napattalong, Director

Quinton Boudwin, Producer

Taylor Jones, Producer

Matt Winkler, Producer

Paul Ramirez, Producer

Ashley Reed, Marketing

Ian Reese, Lighting Director