Music and Art In Your Backyard

Kel Brown

Introducing Kel Brown's work would be hard. I'm not an expert on abstract art but it is clear to me that he has something special. There are elements that remind me strongly of Basquiat's influence, as well as the touch of Kandinsky (a personal favorite), and Marten Jensen. All together, this makes for some compelling work from a young and emerging artist. There is variation in his work too that keeps you guessing on what he is capable of. Each pocket of color is not only bold but textured, adding three dimension to 2D work. If there was even a fourth dimension, it would the emotion that emanates from the canvas; the organized chaos, as it were. There is both calmness and disorder in his work that they almost seem like cathartic work. After all, is that what life is about? order and disorder? 

Video by Creators of Austin While Black

Explore his work here and below | INSTAGRAM