Music and Art In Your Backyard


For this month's artist crush, I am in drooling over the works of Oakland-based visual artists Joshua Mays. His incredibly detailed and ornamented illustrations and digital renditions depict an afro-futurist wet dream yet to be realized. Never have people of color looked so majestic, mystical, and nuanced. What is absolutely shocking is that he is self-taught, making the rest of us look weak!

Recently, Mays work had its 15 seconds of fame on the film set of Empire, sharing the screen briefly with none other than Naomi Campbell. Mays hasn't quite reached his peak yet, we can expect more breath-taking work from him. Artists who want to break out should pay attention to how he presents his work and the level of professionalism his brand exudes. Now if only I could get my hands on one of those pieces.....sigh

You can legally stalk him here: WEBSITE

**all images are from Joshua's website**