Music and Art In Your Backyard



I am a Radio Personality/DJ, previously based out of Chicago. I host a primetime two hour radio show called "Greenhaus Radio", which airs every Wednesday featuring the latest in electronic, dance and hip-hop music. Previously before joining RWD.FM, I hosted a prime-time two hour radio show called "Galaxy Green," that aired on Party 934 & 94.9 FM Hudson Valley, NY from January 2011 to May 2013. I'm originally from the Metro-Detroit area where my experience with radio goes back to high school. I got my first taste and start being apart of WBFH 88.1 FM.

Everything around me influences and inspires me to be honest. It varies and often depends on my mood. I enjoy being outdoors, meeting new people, traveling, seeing lots of live music/attending festivals, going to the club / people watching. I get influenced and inspired by taking in all that is around me. Growing up, music was always apart of my life - my mom made me take piano lessons for years and sing in the church choir. So when I hear a hip-hop track sampling any jazz or blues, I appreciate it. Believe it or not, Ben Folds is one of my favorite artists because of my background with piano. My mom loves Motown, Soul, R&B music then my brothers were always playing Hip-Hop/Rap and Alternative Rock. I was raised on 2Pac, TLC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Rage Against The Machine, Bob Marley, etc. I used to stay up late at night after my mom put me to bed to see what sounds I could hear on the radio. I used to make cassette mixtapes like it was nobody's business. 

I just want to showcase the best music from all across the world. I would love to continue to work with artist I truly believe in and to see them flourish within the industry. I think it's important to support local, independent and talented individuals. In general, I wish for people to feel whatever they want to feel. Music is therapeutic - you may never know what is going on in someones life, where they've been, where they are at or what they need. Whenever I have a set or playlist in mind, I think of it as one of those 'take what you need flyers' / And honestly sometimes when I'm hosting my show - I just have to put my cards on the table and use my craft as my outlet to work over, above and beyond things. I, too, am only human. I like to have that open line of communication between me and my listeners. Just picking the right tracks and mixing them in just right can be a challenge. Sometimes there are days where I don't have time to virtually-crate-dig or do show prep and that will throw off my game.

Episodes 47, 53, 54 are all super important to me because its the first time I started to get attention/place on Mixcloud's music charts based out of 100. It's crazy that I've placed 2nd or even 3rd. For that many people to vibe to music I select / let alone my voice is unreal. It blows my mind that people all over the country continue to find me and listen to my show. It's a special feeling because every Wednesday I do my thing live and then upload to the site then people find me however they do. That's why I love working for an online station and being mostly internet based, you can reach the demographic you want and be discovered as well. Technology is crucial and plays a huge role in how I do my job. It's incredible and all so fascinating. 

The playlists I'm most proud are below and showcases my style/broad selection in taste of various different tracks/genres :