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I want people to know that Jacqueline Constance is just herself. She’s human just like everyone else and she’s not perfect but it’s my imperfections that make me who I am. Her music is an actual representation of who she is as a person and a woman. There is no pretending in her music. She is just...her. (Did I just say all of that in the third person lol)
— Jacqueline Constance
 Photography by Daniel Jackson | Embassy

Photography by Daniel Jackson | Embassy

Hi Jacqueline, such a pleasure to meet you! You record "The Jacqueline Show" was released about a year ago which included some incredible collaborations. How did this album come about? What was your goal with that record?

Man... It kind of just happened. I was on twitter one day and Wesmanchiild (the producer of the project) put up a post saying something like "I want to do a full project with a singer". I of course tweeted back saying "Yes that would be dope", while in my mind I'm praying he considers me for the project lol. He messaged me a couple minutes later, asking me to do it, sent me some tracks that night, and we started working. My goal with the project was to give music fans an informal introduction to who Jacqueline Constance was as a singer and songwriter. Of course, I would love to collaborate with artists like Kendrick Lamar and Erykah Badu but also this singer named Iman Omari. If you don't know who he is please check him out. I was turned on to his music around a year and I've been a fan ever since.

I remember seeing you live at World Cafe Live in August of 2014 performing Masterpiece. The audience was very receptive to that record. What was the impetus behind it? What influenced that track?

Masterpiece is one of my favorite songs that I've ever written but honestly no one influenced the track. I am a fan of love (the emotion and the action, two totally different things mind you) and I wanted to create a song that spoke to that notion and the idea of infatuation. Feeling as if the world is somehow incomplete with that true and perfect love. Masterpiece is my ode to love.


What are the things you would most like to accomplish this year?

This year I would love to do a mini tour on the West Coast and in the South. I've never performed outside of the east coast and I would love to expand my reach out there.

If an alien race were to visit earth, which one of your tracks would you encourage them to listen to?

Hahahaha great question!!!! I would want an alien race to listen to "Good Life". I think that song is a song that will always resonate as true no matter what happens in my life. "I may not have everything, but I'm living the good life" is my mantra right now. To enjoy the things you have and have patience in obtaining the things that you don't. This song is quintessentially Jacqueline Constance.  

Is there anything new in the works? how will it differ from your last record?

This year I would love to put out another project and I have started a kickstarter to raise funds for that project. Its an all or nothing campaign so I have a month to reach my goal or all i receive nothing so thats the goal. This project will include loop pedal arrangements, my songwriting of course, production from very notable producers and really dope features!!!! If people liked "The Jacqueline Show", they are going to fall in love with this new project.