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Bad Girl Confidence is all about the sharing! We love discovering artist, musicians, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs that are killing it creatively. This online magazine is dedicated to drawing attention to young, sophomore, and veteran creatives who are hustling to bring their craft to the main stage. These artists for various reasons have not been able to garner a huge following yet. We use our magazine as a launching pad for these artists, being the cheerleaders they need. Explore our site for interviews, reviews, and just general crushing on some of the world’s incredible emerging talent!


The Captain : Tope Eletu-Odibo


I was born a Thursday’s child in the engineering town of Warri, Nigeria, a beautiful blend of Yoruba and Ukwani heritage. As an Afropolitan, I was also raised in England which would account for my peculiar taste in culture. Travel and adventure has always been in my blood and from a young age I daydreamed and collected images that touch my soul but nothing has inspired me more than the talented individuals I have met over the course of my life. I documented these experiences through art, songwriting, sci-fi and fantasy short stories, and finally a blog. The more I encountered, the more I shared with the world. 

People would ask me for recommendations on musicians to listen to, blogs to read, advice on a particular event, and much more. After many iterations of different names and different themes, Bad Girl Confidence stuck. It was really born out of a mixtape of relatively unknown artist from Texas and beyond. Who else would know about them but a lady with some serious badass confidence. So this is my dream, that you may discover people, places, and things that inspire you, drive you to be better, make you fall in love, and birth beauty in your lives. We do not need to look for this things in celebrities or reality tv shows; these creatives and inspirations are among us - they are our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends, strangers, and neighbors. This is where we honor them.


This is dedicated to my mother who supports my dreams whatever they may be; and to my late Aunt and best friend to my mother, who taught me what it means to exude bad girl confidence.


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