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Artist : Rocky Rivera
Album : Gangster of Love

 Images via Rocky Rivera

Images via Rocky Rivera

Recommended Tracks

● Wake up ● No Love ● Ain't No Way ● Crime Stop 

Hip hop Journalist turned emcee, Rocky Rivera, is no stranger to the music scene. This year she released Gangster of Love, an album that smacks of some serious west coast swagger, layered over some old school beats. The lyrics are ballsy, providing some inspiring, captivating, and real-life nuggets for you to chew on. She refuses to shy aware for polemic social issues, instead dropping some knowledge where ever she can either lyrically or through the use of sampling (hail to the Tupac sample!). Gangster of Love is chuck full of addictive choruses and bass beats that unwittingly make you dust that ish off your shoulder and get down. 

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