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A Different Lens with Mukheli

For those who are familiar with the movement of I See A Different You, started by three sartorial wizards documenting their pride and love for South Africa, Fhatuwani (Innocent) Mukheli is no stranger. As an Art Director, the majority of his work focuses on ads and when he is with his twin Rendani and long time friend Vuyo, these brilliant creatives provide a fresh new lens on a place in Africa that parts of the world would like to forget. For Fhatuwani, his creative exploits do not just end at his job or his photography of the beautiful South African urban landscape, he also creates illustrations that transcend the boundaries of art into something beautifully human. Fhatuwani wants to open a discourse on art that will "color an empty soul." His instruments of choice are pen, pencil, and illustrator. This inspirational creator is influenced by Fine Art and Graphic Design, and  "[his] love for African culture and texture." All of which are clear from his pieces that have such a raw, uncompromising, and urban look: a lot like life in the city. 

 African Queen by Innocent Mukheli

African Queen by Innocent Mukheli

All images by Innocent Muhkeli