Music and Art In Your Backyard
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Chito Floriano is a jack of all trades. As a director, film score composer, and a producer, Floriano has worked with some amazing artists to produce creative music videos. We caught up with Floriano and turned the lens on him.

Well, my name is Chito Floriano, 21 years old.  I’m from the Bay Area Richmond, CA to be specific and I consider myself an artist. I started doing photography after taking a class at a local youth center called RYSE. This was in the summer of 2009, I was about 16 at the time, and I’ve transitioned to video about two years after that. I’ve now been elevated in the space at RYSE and conduct workshops on photography, video, and beat production. I love giving back to my community, allowing young people to explore their horizons and the endless possibilities that art can provide; from coping mechanisms to expressing yourself. When I’m not at RYSE and giving back, I’m working on photos videos or making beats, working out, finding inspiration in my day-to-day life. That’s me in a nutshell.

Music. Man. I love music. It’s so timeless. Instant.
— Chito Floriano

You seem to be a man of multiple talents, making music and also producing music videos. How did you get into both and where would you like it to go?

I got into video after developing my skills with photography. By simply telling myself that video was just like a moving photograph I built enough confidence to want to sit down and learn how to operate a DSLR camera and edit on Final Cut Pro.

Music. Man. I love music. It’s so timeless. Instant. Unlike video where it takes a lot of time and planning, music, you can just sit down and press some keys and it’s instant gratification. I’ve always been into music since I can remember but I became more heavily influenced when I became affiliated with HBK here in Richmond. IAMSU!, P-Lo, Kuya Beats, Jay Ant, are all super inspiring to me when it comes to music and I definitely wanted to start making music after constantly being in the studio with them. My homie Xavier (Xai Beats) taught me a lot about the beat production software and how to play keys. I’m constantly learning everyday. I’ve been making music for a year. I didn’t necessarily want to make music for the radio or for anyone to rap on but to simply use them as film scores for my videos and I’ve done that. Now, folks are reaching out to me to produce music for their video projects. Crazy. 

Wow! That's amazing! So, what are some of the challenges you came across in making music and videos, especially in getting your work out into the public domain?

Honestly, I just do me and don’t really care about what people say. This is what makes me happy and I do it because I can express myself. I’ll upload my video to vimeo, my music to soundcloud, then I’ll tweet it out but I don’t really care if it noticed or not. So that’s not really a problem. I just put it out into the universe. Then, I let the universe conspire in my favor when it wants. 

What is your ultimate intention when you producing or creating visual piece like the music videos features on vimeo? How much of that is you and how much of it is the artist’s vision?

Directed, shot & edited by: Chito Floriano

Official music video by Nate performing C.O.T.C. (Children Of The Concrete). 2013 Common Folk

My ultimate intention when creating videos like the ones on my vimeo is to really build a connection and experience with the artist the entire time we are working on a project. I like it to be a collaborative effort. Like 50% my vision, 50% the artist vision. I like to get the artists contribution solely because they made the music you know and I would assume they have would have a visual in mind when creating their music. At least that’s what I would do if I recorded music. I think of a song, then immediately think of it visually. But maybe that’s just me. 

In terms of the musical tracks you create, how would you describe your sound?

I like to describe my sound like a waterfall in the jungle. Super ambient. Trippy. Pensive. It puts you in a mood. Especially, since I use my music as film scores I tend to see moving images in my head when I’m in the studio closing my eyes creating my scores. 


What is one thing people are surprised to find out about you?

I used to be heavily influenced by Norteno gang culture but art saved my life.

If you were chosen to create a time-capsule to be sent to an alien race, what tracks and/or videos would you include that you feel describe who you are creatively?

A visual poem titled "Richmond Through My Eyes" in collaboration with spoken word artists from RAW Talent.

Director: Chito Floriano DP: Chito Floriano Assistant Camera: Gemikia Henderson Editor: Chito Floriano Film Score: Chito Floriano

99 problems- Jay Z(Video)

Hella Good- No Doubt(Video)

Cypress Hill- No entiendes La onda(Video)

Saint Lou Lou- You(Video)

WoodKid- Iron(Video)

These are a few off the top of my head.