Music and Art In Your Backyard


Hi Chase, Tell me a little bit about yourself and your work

My name is Chase of the dirt a.k.a Darth Might a.k.a Stabmaster D a.k.a Doctor Princess. I'm every age but currently on my 20th year of life. Im an alien. Im just visiting earth for a lil bit. Right now I'm feeling pretty good cause I just released SUPER NUT and I've been feeling cool about life. I've just be real optimistic cause I've been shown that things really do work out if you just know it will. I'm in a relationship now so my head is in a totally different space but early last year I felt like a Buddhist. Around the period of SUPER NUT, which was late last year and early this year, I was hanging around friends mostly. 

But some time before that I was meditating. Being positive. Tried being a vegetarian. I got into fucking crystals and shit for a quick period. So the after effects and what I learned from all that left me with a different perception on life and allowed me to be in the space to make SUPER NUT. So, with all that being said I'm here right now. Still learning. Still in this. 

Music has always been apart of my life. I've been making music since 7th grade and I've been an artist my whole lifetime here. I can't really describe my work. I just translate what I feel into sound."

Where did the name Chase of Nazareth come from?

"Everything I do is beyond me. I start calling myself Chase around 7th grade. I can't pinpoint what exactly made me come up with Chase. But I came up with the "of Nazareth" later on in high school. I feel like everything I really do or come up with is very natural. Very natural but at the same time very super-natural. I literally just woke up one day and had Chase of Nazareth. I guess what I'm trying to say really is that GOD gave me the name. At least he planted the name inside my head. Among many other things. So I've kinda always really been Chase of Nazareth."

It is really hard to define your musical style but how would you describe if someone found your mixtape in the future?

"If someone found my mixtape in the future i think it would still sound futuristic. I don't think music can be trapped into time. I can listen to something that was made in the 70s and it sound waaay more futuristic than anything on the radio in 2015.

I can't really describe my style... it's really just everything I love pertaining to my musical taste translated through me. I just like to experiment. I'm naturally a curious person so I like traveling where no [one] has gone before with music. I can't tell you what my sound exactly is but I can tell you one thing, I only make music for people that want to I how feel. Cause every time I make something, I feel. Every album or collection of songs I did embodied how I felt at that time. Whether it was me being happy, angry, or depressed. So if for some reason in the future humans can't feel real things anymore no one [would] understand me."

How do you choose who you collaborate with when you produce a track? Is there a particular type of artists you look for? or what are you looking for in an artists when you collaborate?

"When I chose who I collaborate with, they really just have to fit my vision for that album or song. They have to have some type of effect on me at that time. Whether it's me hearing a song of theirs and thinking that their voice would sound good on a beat, or hearing a beat and wanting them to be on it. Or If I'm hanging  around with one of my music friends, we [are] naturally going to do some music together. I only collaborate with people that LOVE music anyway. I just have to feel that THAT person will feel where I'm coming from so we both can let loose and make some art." 

Beyond production, how else are you involved in the music process? for example, vocals, music videos, promotions etc.

"I do everything. I write the lyrics, come up with the videos, promote myself, make the album art...all that shit."

For someone who hasn’t heard any of your tracks before, which would you pick to introduce them to your collection of work?

"That's very hard to say. It depends on who ask me. I don't know if I said this but I can DO everything. All genres. But right now currently I'm working on creating a new genre.  So really if I'm passionate about a song I'll pick that song. Or if I know most people will like it I'll pick that song." 

How would describe your beat construction approach or process? Is there a space you have to be in to create or is it a process that is spontaneous?

"Like I said previously, everything I do is from some type of higher force. Usually when I try really hard it doesn't come out like I expect. I'm just a vessel for something bigger." 

Who would you most love to produce a track for or work with musically? Who is on your Wishlist.

"I love so many artists and have so many ideas for particular artists and the list keeps expanding because I get inspired if I hear someone dope; and I feel like I always want to be apart of it and want to contribute. But anyways i want to work with:

Death grips | Pharrell | Kanye | Kid cudi | Andre 3000 | Dam funk | Suga Free Erykah badu | Taz Arnold | D'angelo | James Pants | Beyoncé  | Lupe fiasco | RZA  Snoop Dogg | Viper the Rapper | Z-ro | James Blake | Thom Yorke | Gorillaz George Clinton | Thundercat | Earl | Tyler the creator | Tame impala | Dj Goldie  Skepta | Daft Punk | Teriyaki Boyz

I also want to work with big major gaming companies. Mainly Nintendo because they always have cool music in their games and consoles. This is just my wish list but in the meantime if I find artists along the way who I know can expand my sound, and collaborating with can benefit us both and the future of music i'm gonna be down."