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BU Clothing

BU Clothing is an in-your-face, edgy, socially and politically conscious apparel brand founded in 2011 by Sherifa. BU which stands for "Black and Ugly", uses irony to rip apart this institutionalized negative pairing, dispelling the myth that black is not beautiful. The youthful clothing line rebrands this perspective and makes it a statement against the very prejudice it sought to establish. BU's pieces are bold, colorful, hip, with a splash of vintage flare. They are statement pieces that will adapt to your wardrobe while standing out in a crowd. Each item has a message that promotes the history and beauty of black people, while being futuristic and positive in its outlook. It is also no coincidence that the brand has a double message for its audience: "Be You", embrace your intersectionality, and embrace your history. That's a message we can totally vibe with!

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Photo from BU Clothing website