New Music Video from Fort Never: Paradigm

Fort Never recently dropped a music video to Paradigm, a single from their debut album, Home. Their tale that takes you through a trippy wonderland of inhuman creatures, from people with bubble heads to shamans, explores escapism from reality in the most visceral sense. Out in the wilderness, a fading structure is transformed into a fantasy of games, sexual liberation, and spiritual outlet. In that space is where we are encourage to let go, leaving all the craziness behind.

The eractic white noise, separating the two verses, is quite the metaphor for that craziness; eventually settling into the gently soothing vocals of lead singer, Chantell Moody.  Her voice and the story's visuals carry us all the way to the end, where we can all shed our skin to reveal what is truly inside through dancing and magic. 

Watch music video below. Their full album, Home, is available on spotify