Interview with Jeus Jones, Producer at ELVTD Music

Big thank you to, ELVTD Music for allowing us to interview Jeus Jones, producer and talented beats master on their music label. His work and collaborations with Munny Musa was featured on our website last December and it made sense to talk to the guy who is the architect of the instruments we have come to love from ELVTD Music.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into making music, beats, and producing?

Well, I identified as a "producer"  in 2013, although I've touched music many times throughout my life. It's quite funny when I reflect on how it started because originally I  began producing music from the GarageBand app on iPhone. For me, producing is a therapeutic hobby/process. But I figured I was on to something when I would play beats for the homies and their responses were so motivating. It's crazy when someone's says "yo you've got talent." From the days when I was in school band to making music on old PCs back in the 00s, people always noticed my talent. So I finally decided to turn a hobby into an opportunity.

Wow, That's Great How something you took for granted is now what drives us! So production is a big part of music making that some people may write off. What does it involve for you? Why is it so important to the creation of quality music?

Production to me has always been the most intricate part of music. I'm a big fan of instrumentals, although there isn't much receptivity in the music world today. There were cats back in the 1970s who made entire albums with no vocals, but the people loved it! People actually enjoyed the sound of instruments. Now, the focus is vocals and delivery. The thing I find funniest is that the voice is an instrument, so technically people are still jamming instrumentals, even if they aren't consciously aware. So, production is and forever will be important. Production is like air. We all need it but we usually don't remember it's significance until it's limited.

When you are creating new tracks, what is your process? Where do you draw inspiration from?

The process for making music really depends on the end goal. If I'm trying to produce something with commercial value, I'll play something that's pretty trendy and analyze what in particular about the song grabs your attention. After a brief analysis, I'll build from whatever I've concluded. Now when I'm making music for the sake of artistry, I build from my emotional state at that moment. For example, if I'm depressed I may start with a set of filtered synthesizers and make a dreary riff. On the other hand, if I'm feeling upbeat I will start with a deep kick drum and snare.  Aside from emotions, I take inspiration from other art forms, especially movies. It's something about well-orchestrated musical scores in the company of good movie scenes. Similar to movies, a good piece of art will intrigue multiple senses.

Very true! So, do you have a secret stash of beats that you are saving for a special project or a particular type of artist? What is it about these tracks that sets them apart from the rest?

Ha!! I think every producer does. I'll be honest, if I save any, it's for myself or Munny Musa. Every now again he tries to get me to give up a few "Jeus Exclusives". If I decline, it's still all love. We are just cool like that and he respects my art form. My exclusive beats usually stem from the quality of the song. As I mentioned earlier, I view vocals as an instrument. So, a lot of the times I will hear a certain rhyme pattern or voice that would compliment the beat. If I don't have anyone in my network who can deliver as I expected,  I'll hold off or get on the beat myself.

Nice! You obviously work closely with Munny Musa regularly, who we interviewed last year. How does that collaboration work? How do you go about laying down beats for an artist of that calibre?

The collaboration process for Munny Musa and myself is really telepathic. Before we got into music, we were really good friends. Although we are from different areas, our childhood memories are parallel. So with all of that in mind, we really just jam tunes and start working. Literally, there have been many times where we may hear a drum pattern or a bass line and we're like "let's build off that". Telepathy is real man! The best part about working with Musa is he challenges me to focus on a sound. Again, my music is pure emotional. Working with him has taught me how to construct a requested sound from someone else's POV.

That's What's UP! And you are about to release a new project right? What do you want people to take away from it? What does it say about you as an artist?

My upcoming project 'Scratch N Sip' is something that I've been working very hard on. This project is my first full length collaboration with another music creator, DJ KMor. My goal for this album is the same for every creation that I put out. I want people to appreciate the art-form of production and mood music. Literally, if I don't change your mood with my music then I've done something wrong. I want to piss you off. I want to make you cry. I want to make you miss a unworthy ex-relationship. I want to communicate with you spiritually without the need of words. If you can take anything away, I would like for it to be the idea of "this guy is a mad scientist".

Yes, we definitely need more of that type of music. So, what else can we expect from you for the rest of 2017?

Well 2017 has been good so far. We've released two project 'Texas HoldEm' and 'Scratch n Sip'. Later this year Munny Musa is set to drop another album entitled 'EMO', which will be executively produce by me. Also, I plan to drop another album as well entitled 'Intimately Obliged'. But, I'm always working on beats everyday so I'm sure I will collaborate with other artists in the near future. In summary, this year I'm going for more elevation. More ELVTD music.