Austin Music Foundation Launches Mentorship Program For Emerging Musicians

Dedicating oneself to a music (or artistic) career is not only courageous but a journey not for the faint hearted. There are musicians who get lucky enough to pick up from a dive bar in Nashville or be born into a prestigious family with music connections. For those who don't fall in either of those categories, a little help goes a long way to usher them into the next stage of their music before it becomes stagnant. This is precisely the goal of Austin Music Foundation's new artist development program

The Artist Development Program is a seven month intensive program designed by experienced industry professional that aims to prepare artists for what comes next. Courses are group focused with break out sessions between the artists and their mentors. For any artists who has been struggling and has gone as far as they can on their own, this is a godsend! Class of 2017 has already been selected. Our once featured, Magna Carda will be enrolled, as well as our very own girl crush, Jackie Venson. 

So if you are an emerging musician, who has invested in your music career, and want to explore the next steps, this is the place for you. See link below for more details.

Austin Music Foundation Artist Development Program