A Look Inside Indie Record Label, Sound Control Records

Sound Control Records is a local Austin record label with a passion for electronic/dance music. The founding trio: Chuck, Ben, and Davey, bring a fresh but retro sound with pop sensibility that keeps fans dancing till dawn.

Thanks for agreeing to be featured on 107. Tell us the story behind the label Sound Control Records. How did it come about? What was the motivation behind it?

 Sound Control Records (SCR) is comprised of three of us. Chuck (The Suit), Davey (A&R) and myself (Tech). Chuck had been a band manager for a couple of years, Davey was deep into the dance music scene with his own label and I had a music blog which focused on Austin-based electronic/dance music shows. I had a good run with it but there was no avenue to recoup all the money I was putting into hosting hundreds of songs and throwing shows. As a music lover and DJ, I feel I have the ability to recognize music that’ll make you feel good. So I took everything I learned from having the blog and restructured it into a record label. Of course with the help of Chuck and Davey, who initially started the label. I came into the picture and the trifecta was complete. Now SCR is a functional record label and music blog. I feel that as a team we can help an artist grow their fanbase online and offline. It’s built with the Connect with Fans (CwF) + Reason to Buy (RtB) business model. I believe this model paired with a genuine passion for music can turn into something special. At least I hope so!

In your previous project, Electric Tooth, you introduce the world to incredible electronic remixes and collaborations, in short, truly unique sounds. How did this influence the type of music you work with on the label?

Thank you, I miss ET from time to time. ET was a simple blog, a song and a photo in which I thought the song could live in. The majority of songs came from the “BlogHouse” era. It really was a special time for electronic music. It was about the curated blogs and not so much big streaming services. This is where I fell in love with dance music. I’ve always loved Michael Jackson and Disco but this was different, it was new and old, fresh but retro. This is the type of music we aim for in the label. 

What type of music are you looking to include on your label?

We are looking for electronic music that’ll make you dance. Strong songwriting with pop-sensibility. Also, the ability to play live, so juuuust in case you blow up, you can go on tour and not just be behind a laptop.

What do you look for in an artist?

Artists make art. I understand that’s what they’re the best at. However, in the ever growing music market the ability to create genuine content and make heartfelt connections with fans is very important. Simply by having a conversation with someone can put context to the music and it can mean so much more to the listener. Make good music and be friendly, we’ll have our eyes on you. 

With indie labels popping up all over, what do you offer artists as an incentive to choose your label or alternatively what do you do to stand out?

I believe it's our collective experiences and skills. Chuck being a band manager knows about contracts, licensing, publishing and getting songs sync’d. Davey has been running his own label for a couple of years and knows the ins and outs. Me, I’m the tech. I understand what it takes to get your sound/image to break through the noise. Do we have 10k to drop on your release? No but maybe one day we’ll get there. 

Where do you see the future of music? What are trends you are seeing?

We’ll continue to witness the slow death of the CD and rise of Vinyl/Cassettes. Streaming will continue to dominate how we consume and share music. A great man once said, “If you’re not doing quantitative research, you’re doing it wrong.” Be mindful of your analytic data.

All your artists are important but if you could pick one that we should listen to, who would it be?

Night Drive. Seeing their start to where they are now has been very exciting.