Bands & Musicians: 10 Great Austin Locations for Photoshoots

Bands & Musicians: 10 Great Austin Locations for Photoshoots

Part of branding as musicians is having great visuals for albums, website, and media packets. A blank white screen may not cut it these days to attract music lovers and supporters. A strong image set in a unique backdrop could be what you need to set yourself apart from the competition. So here's a list of great unique locations in Austin for your band photo. Please remember to ask for permission before setting up for a photoshoot.

HOPE Outdoor Gallery on North Lamar

This ever-transformative outdoor gallery is not just a great tourist spot, but you can guarantee a unique photo, as the artwork on these walls changes with the season. If you are brave enough to make it to the very top, you can get a beautiful skyline view of Austin. See a great example below.

Photo by Fum Fum KO at HOPE Outdoor Gallery

via Lust to Wander

Switched On on Cesar Chavez

Earlier this year we did a shoot with Austin musician, Mobley, in and around Switched On, Music shop boasting vintage & new electronic equipment like synthesizers, drum machines & keyboards.

Photo by Meg Siedel.

Gas Station on 1500 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin

This old gas station has been sitting vacant for years. The color and style is perfect for creating a nostalgic (vintage) shoot.

French Ligation Museum on San Marcos St.

You can now recreate your own Beyonce style Formation shoot at the lovely and historic French Legation Museum.

Roadhouse Relics on South First

Another great location for capturing retro Austin. Roadhouse is just as unique outside as it is inside. Check out the backspace and the famous "Welcome to Austin" Mural and red door for more creative shoots.

Image from Twelve21 Gallery

Image by Angela Cox

Rabbit's Lounge (aka Whistlers) on Cesar Chavez

This rugged old western stonework has that Fistful of Dollars vibe, mixed in with modern mural Art that is so very Austin. Highly recommend this location for country, indie-bands.

via Southern Living the Daily

Emma Janzen

Room Service Vintage on North Loop

Ok. so we may have a thing for the vintage motif. There are definitely plenty of places that rock that vibe in Austin. Room Service Vintage is seriously on point, inside and out. Don't let its clutter fool you. There is just the right mood and quirkyness in every corner of that store. 

via americandrifterblog

San José Hotel on South Congress

This revamped 1930s' motor lodge has become quite the place to visit for locals and tourist alight. The calm, hip, SoCo vibe and architecture would make a perfect backdrop to any band's brand image.

via San Jose Hotel website

San Jose Hotel website

Rave On Vintage on North Loop/Burnet

This is my last homage to vintage/retro style. I promise! Rave On is worth a mention for any potential photoshoot. Each room in this mid-century furniture store is set up like a proper 1950s-1960s abode. It almost feels like a time capsule. If the music you make has that kind of vibe, it's worth asking to do your professional shoot there.

via The Pink Samurai

via thesavvyseekerfiles

Elizabeth Ney Museum on E 44th St.

This is another eye-catching location to consider for your band's photoshoot. I mean for one, it looks like a castle! Win-win!


Tell us other cool and unique Austin locations you would use for band photos. Share with us below and we can include it to this list.