107: A Digital Residency

107: A Digital Residency

Part of 107's transformation was all about focusing its energy on what matters. To me, it's the art, the music, and the creativity that is right on my doorstep, in my city and great places around the world. It's about supporting those people who have dedicated their lives to inspiring and entertaining the rest of us. 107 is a place where those who aspire to push their careers to the next level can get advice, support, and a platform to show their work.

With that said, the way we do things has changed to reflect those core values. Every month, we will showcase 7 artists, 7 musicians, and 7 creatives. During that month, we will showcase all their work, and let you know about any upcoming shows or events where you can see them live! If they drop new material, we will be posting that too. 

You can also look forward to our #AskAnArtist series where creatives with experience, give their take on what it takes to be successful in a creative life. There will be fun posts, art event reviews, and more.

Stay Tuned!