Music Videos: 7 Artists Who Did A Lot With A Little

A music video is just as important as the song it supports. Music visuals provides context and another dimension through which fans can fully experience the music with almost all their senses. For an independent artist, the thought of creating a music video can be incredibly daunting, particularly if you don't have the budget or the expertise to create one. This doesn't have to be the case. One does not have to be Spielberg or Tarantino to create a decent short film. It could be just you and a plain background or your band hanging out in your favorite spot. Many artists have made impactful music videos doing much less. So if you are thinking of creating a music video, here are places to start.

Connections. Connections. Connections

Reach out to your network of friends and family. You will be surprised to learn how vastly talented your circle of friends are. Enlist them to be part of your music video or to help in the filmmaking and editing of the music video. Every little helps.

College Students

No one is born making films; except for maybe the Coen Brothers. They all had to start from somewhere. Some college students as part of their studies have to develop and showcase a body of work or maybe even a portfolio for future employment opportunities. This is a great resource to tap into when you cash flow is a little light. So, reach out to your local community college and film school to see if anyone is interested in taking on your music as a project. Who knows, they may end up getting credit for it.

There is an App for That

Your phone is smarter than you think. Yes, it can shoot selfies for your instagram and a short clip for your Vine but if you take a little gander at the app stores, designers are creating better quality filming and editing tools. Everything is at your disposal either for free or for a small fee. The best part is, you don't need a degree or much experience to put them to good use.

Collaborate and Listen!

Join forces with other bands and creatives who are looking to also create visuals for their work. It is an easy but brilliant way to cut down the costs of making a music video. If you get them to feature in your music as well as in your music video, you not only make the whole project affordable but you are tapping into their fanbase too. Collaborating with other musicians is a first step, but consider clothing and apparel designers, filmmakers, and other types of creatives. It is a win-win for everyone.

Old/Free Music Clips

The internet gave us Bernie's hotline bling and some other dark kitty photos but what it can also give you is a large database of free (or commercially available) movie clips. You can sync your music to the videos of your choice or combine various short clips to create a whole new visual project. Some options available to you are Videezy, Stock Footage, and Public Domain Project

With that said, below are some hand-picked songwriters and bands that created great visuals to compliment their music without breaking the bank.

Flame by Blakchyl | Directed by Fum Fum KO

Marienbad by Brown v. Board | Created by Brown v. Board

Shake You Off by Charlie Belle

Anti-Social by Cortney Hesse | Directed by Megan Cardwell

Angela Bassett by Magna Carda | Video produced by Magna Carda

Riskin' by Digital Wild | Produced by fM Fashion Music brand.

Love Pistol by Queens. D. Light | Video directed by Brandon Tauszik