Austin Artists You Should Consider For Your Next Album Cover

So you made a great album (or single), now what? How do you make it stand out in a line of Spotify and iTunes album covers. A great record visual can do the job of selling your work just as much as the music can. As humans, we are visual creatures and enjoy bold, beautiful, and powerful images that elicit just the right vibe and emotions. With that said, we scored the internet and friends list for artists you should definitely consider when creating your next album artwork.


Hakeem Adewumi is one of the best visual storytellers in Austin. We previously featured his work here on 107 and were blown away by how he is able to take the mundane and transform it into something powerful. He recently created this beautiful visual for Magna Carda's album CirQlation

Cindy Elizabeth is another amazing photographer out there. She has a gift of tapping into people's personalities through her camera lens. Her most popular and engaging pieces are noir-style images of moments frozen in time. Cindy is a popular photographer amongst Austin's creatives and with the breadth of work she has developed, it is no surprised that she is well sought after!


Another local creative to consider is Andrew Bennett. Amongst other types of photography, some of Bennett's best work comes out during live shows. Levitating lead singer? Check! Pumped up crowd? Check! Just the right spectrum of light to capture the mood? Double Check! If photography is your thing. We highly suggest you check out Andrew Bennett Photography. Here's something he did for Mobley, a local music artist.


So Ana Marietta isn't exactly IN Austin. She used to be but now is creating incredible work in Houston. Don't let that stop you from reaching out though. Her surreal-futuristic artwork and mural designs may just be what you need to set your album cover apart from the herd. 

Another illustrator to consider is Ethan Parker, a self-taught comic artist right here in Austin. What we love about Parker's work is his ability to portray both fun and serious topics in the same piece. We are particularly fond of Parker's rendition of Chance's the Rapper's Coloring Book. Just think of what Parker could do for you!

We've been a huge fan of Tay Miles since the time we got Miles' Cat-Bird illustration print! Her imagination is Miles ahead of many artists. See what we did there? Ok nevermind. Miles' artwork is playful, surreal, and sometimes tongue-in-cheek. She has made event posters, commission work, apparel, and so much more. We highly recommend Miles if you are looking for more than just an album artwork. She may just help you with a whole brand campaign!


As abstract artists go, Kel Brown is one of our favorite. You can see his interview on 107. You may have seen his work around but didn't know who he was, well now you do. This wouldn't be the first time that Brown's work has featured on a record cover. His twin brother (also a creative), Joshua Brown proudly featured Brown's work one of his album releases and the group Banana Peels were not far behind in including's Brown's colorful artwork on their record Fruit Deluxe.

If collage art or conceptual art is more your thing, consider Michelle Schwartz. Her work has different meaning to everyone but what you can't deny is hold bold they are. She is able to capture the audience attention with each of her subjects. Michelle themes are rooted in nature and sometimes she pays homage to retro-America.