Let's Get Together

So the title may seem a little deceptive but hear me out. Bad Girl Confidence was always meant to grow beyond its online presence into the creative community, building a place where we can connect emerging artists to a hungry audience. So I am putting on a coming out party for my little pet project, showcasing some of the best Austin artists and musicians that we have supported and featured online and in print.

This evening will be hosted at Spider House Ballroom on Friday, August 21 from 7-9pm. It is free and open to all ages. If you love treats, I would suggest getting your hand on the VIP ticket, which gives you access to the VIP area, the performing artists AND a little goodie bag with artwork and items donated from the artists. I am really excited about this evening. It's going to be an opportunity to show some of the novel and unadulterated creativity buzzing around in Austin!

Click here to RSVP and buy your VIP ticket.