In Search of Co-founders, Call me...maybe?

In Search of Co-founders, Call me...maybe?

The journey of entrepreneurs is tough, but that of a solo-entrepreneur can be even tougher. As the founder and creative director of Bad Girl Confidence, I've definitely been through the ringer in bringing this platform to life. A lot of my personal fund is poured into making this online magazine and the brand something that I can look back on and be proud of. The journey has been a beautiful one and I have seen people who are excited about what Bad Girl Confidence is about and where it is going. In order to keep this brand going and push it to its full potential, I need help.

Recently, I have begun to hit a wall of limitations in how far and how fast I can grow. I questioned my motives of why I was building this brand in the first place, and if it was even needed. When those doubts hit, I am always reminded about my initial purpose when I get emails from artists and musicians who love what I am doing and see it as an opportunity for them to grow. What they tell me is that this platform is needed! And so I push on, at risk of being burnt out and really not giving the brand the best representation it can get.

I started Bad Girl Confidence because I was surrounded by a wealth of talented individuals who were hitting a wall when it came to promoting their art. They made beautiful music and created incredible art but were not getting the awareness and recognition that their work deserved. They worked multiple jobs so they could invest in what they love. Some artists were overwhelmed by the business aspect of being an artist, while others simply didn't know how to give a simple interview to talk about what it is they do (not for a lack of trying). And unfortunately, magazines and online platforms were not interested in these people until they had a hefty following. I created this platform for all of those people. They inspired me and I wanted to show the world that it needed to pay attention to these folks.

Another big reason for starting Bad Girl Confidence was because, to put it bluntly, the image of "the modern artist" as portrayed by the media was mostly white and/or male. I was surrounded by artists and musicians of color, as well as awe-inspiring women, but I was not seeing them in interviews and editorials of emerging artists and musicians. Talent is non-discriminatory but what we choose to see can be. Bad Girl Confidence was born out of the need to reflect the talent that I was seeing on a day to day basis. To really show readers that artists of color do create a wide variety of artistic expressions from video games design to rock music to short films. 

To keep this mission and meet this goal, I need help. It is one of the hardest thing to do to admit that you can't do it all yourself. It's even harder for me as a Capricorn because we are known as implementers who always get things done. However, knowing one's limitation is important so that you can surround yourself with people who believe in your goals and are willing to help you achieve it. With that said, I am looking for co-founders. You are probably wondering what does that entail.

Well if you've ever thought, "Hey, I love art and music. I love creative people. I want to be involved in helping them thrive. I want to write or create something that will make an impact in others lives." Then you should consider being a co-founder. Bad Girl Confidence has three strands currently: the online magazine and blog, the annual print magazine, and the live events i.e. art shows and so on. Ideally I would love to have a co-founder for each of these sections. We will work together collaboratively to build the brand of Bad Girl Confidence to represent artists best interest, put on events, and give emerging artists of every background a voice.

If you are interested, please reach out to me at and we can talk further about how to get you involved. This is an equal partnership and I am interested in meeting people from different background, combining our strengths together to make this brand a successful one. Even though this is my baby, it takes a village to raise a child.