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Book Review : Be Your Own Boyfriend
Author : Kaneisha Grayson

Be Your Own Boyfriend is a lovely book that not only has an awesome title but gives you an immense amount of juicy tips and advice on finding your own happiness. The author includes quotes from experts all over the nation as well as confessions of her own, detailing her happiness and self-love journey! She includes self-love principles and real life scenarios! Though titled "be your own boyfriend", this is a fantastic book that provides you with the tools on learning how to live a happy life!

Since I started reading BYOB, I have received so much insight on self-love.  I can honestly say that BYOB brings me an abundance of joy. It is such a feel good book packed with real life advice. On any given day, I can grab the book, turn to any page and find incredibly useful tidbits about how to love yourself and indulge in one’s own company.  Grayson writes that loving yourself will make you more attractive to a potential mate. People want to be with others who are happy. Grayson summarizes this thought as her Self Love Principle #2:

“If you want others to love, appreciate, and respect you, you must love, appreciate, and respect yourself first.”

BYOB taught me that sometimes solitude is great for the mind and spirit. Learning to enjoy your own company is vital. Also, it is important not to lose yourself in a boyfriend. Sometimes you get so caught up with your significant other that you neglect your own interests. Grayson offers insight on how to enjoy a day with just yourself. For instance, indulge in a hobby whether it is cooking, painting, or movie watching. It is the little things in life that brings us so much joy.  BYOB is a great book for anyone to read, not just women, go ahead and pick it up and get ready for a journey of love.

Funmi Ogunro is the owner and creator of  Funmi and Friends DVD. Funmi has worked with PBS and the Texas Department of Agriculture in the production of educational children programming. Since 2011, she has served as a host for Juneteenth Jamboree, a production of KLRU-TV Austin PBS. Funmi enjoys film production, good food, movies, reading, exercising, and being one with nature.