Music and Art In Your Backyard

107 (or Space 107) is a platform to exhibit and champion genre-defying artists, musicians, and creatives who are at the beginning of their creative journey. This is where we fake it, until we make it.

The Story Behind 107

My first year in university, I was introduced to the group known as the 107s. A bunch of lads that lived in an old three story victorian house at 107 Earlham Road, Norwich with seven rooms occupied by students. It was common knowledge that this was a party house and that the 107s organized the best after-hour parties in town. Each weekend after the clubs closed, there was a decision. First, were the 107s lads throwing a party and if so, should we go? 

107 was more than just a party house. It was on the fringe of artistic discovery, a place to hear music and see art created locally by disrupters, experimenters, and emerging artists. Each room was a concept or a genre if you will. You chose where to stay the whole night or you just freelanced through all the rooms. The bottom floor always seemed to host DJs playing anything from House, Dance, and Techno to Hip-hop and Reggae. It was always poppin' with “resident” DJs taking turns to out-spin each other. On the next floor were live music performance (as was the yard outside). You could hear real bands or people just jamming together for the heck of it. The last floor had a relaxed ambience to it but still with music and some form of art going on. We maneuvered through the house like sardines in a can, but happy to be there; connecting, laughing, and living. You could be there till 7.30am or pull a weekender (yes, people did this!). Either way, the energy was high and the inspiration was flowing. 

With the spirit of the 107 house in mind, I decided to change the name of Bad Girl Confidence into 107 (or Space 107 as you may see it sometimes). This website over time has grown into that house on Earlham road, showcasing and celebrating local musicians, artists, filmmakers, and more; as well as being a place where people can get inspired. The name may not be as swanky as Bad Girl Confidence but it goes to the intent of this platform: to support and celebrate emerging local artists and musicians of all kinds.

I hope you will join me on this journey.

Your Dance Command & Chief,